Curious: a True Story
This story was drawn as a submission to the Indiana Review. The theme of this particular issue was "marginal identities, immigrant experiences, transnationalism and hybridity." The organization wanted works "that explore and complicate the ways race, gender, class, national identity and sexuality collide and overlap."

Like the subtitle says, it is a real story. This happened to me when I was in Greece working as an archaeologist. I intentionally left out the identity of the place because this event could have happened anytime, anywhere. I did leave a clue to the indentity of the town, but you'll need to hunt for it (I should say "dig for it," Haha).

I'm proud of this story for several reasons. This is the best short story I've written and drawn. Then again, all my other short stories were stupid and poorly drawn. The theme of the story was damn hard, but I think I was successful (or at least I tried). By doing this comic, I realize that I can ink and finish 4 pages in one day. Heheheh. Also, this is one of the first time I drew an old man and he actually looked old (I also start Bamboo Princess around this time and the first page had an old man too, but he's not the main character).