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Slam Dunk Fanart Gallery
  Welcome to the mini Slam Dunk fanart gallery. Here you can find pics done by me and others. This is for those who love this wonderful series created by Inoue Takehiko and who draw to show their appreciation. So far this gallery contains only art by Cyen, Keurigi, Jules, Juu (and friends), but if you want to contribute, feel free to contact me (email or bbs).

如果想要寫中文或日文請用 bbs。謝謝﹗


The Score So Far
  9.18.05 - One drawing by Cyen added.
9.4.05 - One drawing by Cyen added. Who got 999?
8.28.05 - One drawing by Cyen added.
8.21.05 - One drawing by Cyen added.
8.14.05 - One drawing from Dee and one drawing by Cyen added.

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The Plays
  3 points (colored)
Rukawa by Keurigi  (11.30.04) Haruko by Keurigi (12.12.04) Shohoku by Jules and Shema (12.14.04) Slam Dunk by Kim, Jules, Nyo, and Koyar (12.21.04) Rukawa by Keurigi Casual Rukawa Kaede by Noahvearn Kogure by Afuji (6.12.05) Sendoh by Cyen (6.13.05) Kogure with Card (6.18.05) Jin by Juu (6.24.05) Mitty by Juu (6.24.05)
Sweating (not naked) Pissed Off Rukawa by Keurigi (6.25.05) Sendoh Akira by Maru (7.2.05) Fujima by Cyen (7.10.05) Maki for Juu (7.31.05) Slam Dunk by Dee (7.05) Sakuragi sketch by Dee (7.05) Rukawa Getting Ready by Cyen (8.7.05) Mitsui looking tired (WIP) Kogure Cheering by Cyen Mitsui by Cyen
  2 points (black and white)
Rukawa by Cyen (12.3.04) Kogure by Cyen (12.11.04) Kogure Shouting by Cyen black and white by Cyen
  free throw (comics, junk, WIP, etc.)
There's no reason for this Miyagi by Cyen Oekaki Mitsui previews for Cyen's fan comic Sakuragi by Cyen t-shirt by Cyen  

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