Earth, Water, and Fire
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.about A mini page containing fan arts of Samurai Champloo by Catherine.
.news 073005 - Wow, it's been too long since I updated (still drawing mostly SD fanarts), but here's a little work in progress. Come back later for the finished version!
051605 - Yay! I survived drawing the SD fan comic. Hopefully soon I can resume my drawing of SC stuff.
022605 - Fuu, Jin, and a wallpaper added.
022405 - the site is online.
.drawings Fuu Staring (WIP) (073005)
Bootylicious Fuu (022605)
Jin in action (022305)
Dancin' Mugen (021805)
Jin (020305)

Clothes mixup (020605)
.wallpaper #1 (1024 x 768)
.links Samurai Champloo Official site
Studio Cyen My personal site
inkpot @ LJ More SC (and non-SC) arts by my friends
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