The Webmaster

I'm a Taiwanese-American who is interested in a variety of subjects. My art is inspired by many, but my ALL-TIME favorite artist, as well as one who had the most impact on my life besides my parents, is my grandpa 顏水龍 (Yen Shui-long). For undergrad I majored in biology and archaeology at Cornell and finished grad school at MIT in biology. Want to know more about me or my work? Read my profile at new online comic site or contact me.

The Site

I created this site mainly to amuse myself (first to learn html back in 1996) and to provide a place to show my drawings and other hobbies, like cooking.

version 1 (~12.96) - the original with lots of text
version 2 (11.9.00) - no name
version 3 (7.1.01) - red edition
version 4 (2.1.02) - blue edition
version 5 (5.31.02) - green edition (moved to new server)
version 6 (11.30.02) - icy edition
version 7 (3.3.03) - iris edition
version 8 (8.31.03) - sprout edition
version 9 (4.11.04) - brown bird edition
version 10 (10.25.04) - red leaf edition
version 11 (2.1.06) - glasses edition
version 12 (5.18.08) - green and yellow edition
version 13 (5.22.11)- brown lab notebook edition

Version 13

For version 13 I managed to use mostly css to do the layout of the site. I finally can do layout without tables, and the codes are a lot cleaner than before. All the html was done by hand with notepad. I used two modified textures from Zooboing Review


not that people ask me all that many questions...

Do you do commissions?
Yes, I do. Email me for more info. Pricing depends on size, type of media, and purpose of the drawing.

I want to use one of your images for xyz... Can I use it?
It depends on what's "xyz." If it's for personal use (meaning you're not using my image to make money) and if you ask nicely, it's highly probable that I'll give you permission. It makes me happy when someone likes my drawing enough to want to use it. Unfortunately, recently I found that some of my drawings have been reposted or used without my permission, and it's forcing me to take action. My drawings are NOT free material to be used without my permissions or knowledge.

If it's for commerical purposes, I'll let you know what are my terms and conditions, and we can discuss more about it in detail.

When will you update your comics?
For various reasons I pretty much quit drawing comics after my big move. I went on a drawing hiatus around 2006-2007 and then from 2009-2010, but now I'm slowly getting back to drawing. For a while I quit doing online comics because it just wasn't fun anymore, but that didn't mean I stop doing comics all together. Between 2005 and 2008, I submitted a couple of comics for print. I was also the project organizer and co-editor for the Zelda Anthology Project, and as of May, 2008, we finished our first book, which is still available for purchase. We are gearing up to do a second book this year. I'm also trying to get back to doing online comic. I've been doing a lot of behind the scene stuff to develop an old story idea. Hopefully, the comic will be officially online in a few months.