I love art. Newer drawings are at the bottom, and the newest ones are marked with . My personal favorites (i.e. ones that don't make me cringe) are in bold. Some of them are oldies but goodies.

Besides this section, I have other drawings scattered through out the site.
My random and often quick doodles (updated whenever I actually remember)
100 Topics (also updated whenever)

I also have been drawing comics for about ten years now.


Skyward Sword Link and Midna with Birds Link and Midna with cats

Recent Pieces (2011)

Mr. Raynard, Dog Trainer Approaching Shadow Discussion Philosophos Team Mononoke comic #1 a quick Asitaka drawing Totoro comic #1 For Melora peony lineart Link vs. Stallord A Moment of Peace Link and Zelda

Original - Color

Traditional Media

Computer Graphic

Original - Black & White



Fan Art - Games

I really should do more original drawings. I'll probably delete a bunch of these fan arts soon because they're old and junky.

Legend of Zelda

Professor Layton

Final Fantasty XII

Phoenix Wright/Hotel Dusk


Other Games

Fan Art - Miscellaneous



Pixel Art

Original and random fan "art" can be found here.
Professor Layton-related pixels can be found here.