Current/Future Projects

I am currently developing a new story title Philosophos. It is actually an old idea from 2004. After a long break from drawing comics, I decided to revisit some old stories, and this one was the most viable. My plan is to build enough buffer pages before officially open the site. There are talks of other projects both online and offline, but I am not going to say any more until we have made some concrete progress.

Hired by an eccentric gentleman, a team of brilliant scientists and archaeologists search for the Brahmastra, which may be the savior or destructor of mankind. In color.
4-Koma/Comic Strips
One page comics. So far these are all fan comics.
Mononoke comic #1 Totoro comic #1

Completed Projects

I also have other completed stories, but those are made exclusively for print. I will most likely post them online when all the books are sold out. There are also more finished online short stories, but they're really old so not really worth posting here, but you can find some in the Et Cetera section.

Coffee Break
Two people talking in a cafe. A short story. Available in print. I have a newer version of this comic, but I haven't bothered to upload it.
A short story based on real event. Also available in print.


I hav a soft spot for Down but Not Out, and I hope some day I can continue this. As for Bamboo Princess, I need to develop the story further before I can put full effort into it. Another Date was a collaboration between me and my awesome friend Ick4fish. We had to put the story on hiatus because both of us were too busy, but we do talk about the story once in a while and hope some day we can continue it.

Down but Not Out
After failing one of the most important exams in his life, Jon has to rediscover himself and find a niche in the world.
Bamboo Princess
A young woman returns to her childhood home where appearance is deceiving. A surreal drama.
Another Date
A story about a boy and a girl with a little romance and a lot of confusion. In color.

Et Cetera

Bunch of experimental, collaborations, and super old stuff that probably won't be continued ever.

Et cetera
Other miscellaneous stories and projects. Some finished, some experimental, and others abandoned. Gift comics from awesome people are found here also.