Comics (and illustrations) available in print form. Some are made exclusively for print and others are reprints of my webcomics. Most titles are still available for purchase. You can contact me if you are interested in buying a copy. I am also interested trading books. Projects are listed in reverse chronological order.

A New Challenger Approaches (2008)

title:A New Challenger Approaches in 13 Rupees (ZAP! Zelda Anthology Project)
story specs: 10 pages, black and white comic and one page of free talk
book specs: 132 pages of black and white comics, pin ups, and a short story featuring works by a lot of fanastic artists and one writer. For more details about the books specs, check out the group's official website.
availability: debut in May 2008 at Otafest and AN. We still have a couple of copies left.

This was a self-published Legend of Zelda fan project by ZAP! I was co-editor and book designer as well as contributed a 10-page Ocarina of Time story, about the Sages hanging out waiting for the Hero of Time finding other sages. This story was a collaboration between me and the awesome The Misssing Link.

Cover art by the lovely Nna.


title: none, illustrations in Battle Cry
story specs: None from me. I only contribute illustrations this time.
availability: English doujinshi project that's available online only, but you can find high resolution PDF version as well as a low-res PDF for screen and complete web directory.

A professionally-looking doujin made by my friend EK for the anime series Samurai Champloo. Tons of illustrations, stories, and comics from lots of people. It's truly a labor of love.

How to Make Tonkatsu (2007)

title: How to Make Tonkatsu in tOFU (an annual comic compilation put together by the OFU gang)
story specs: 3 pages, plus freetalk
availability: debut at AN 2007

A short recipe comic featuring my character Jon from my old comic Down but Not Out.

Coffee Break (2005)

title: Coffee Break and Curious
story specs: 32 pages of comic, black and white illustrations, guest illustration from Juu, and free talk.
availability:debut at AN 2005. Available for purchase or trade from me.

First ashcan made by myself in 2005 which contains two short stories and some illustrations. You can read the full stories online: Coffee Break and Curious

Most Valuable Benchwarmer (2005)

title: Most Valuable Benchwarmer for Slam Punkz: Dunk This!
story specs:
17 pages, plus cover and one shot comic/free talk, black and white, full bleed
availability: debut at the end of May at AN 2005; available by web purchase

A print exclusive story (a Slam Dunk fan comic) made for the English Slam Dunk doujinshi project Slam Punkz. This is my first fan comic and the art is one of the best I've done so far for a comic. The story is about Kogure Kiminobu trying his best. This compilation contains other comics and illustrations by other people who are much more talented than I!

For some work in progress, check out my SD page. For previews from other contributors check out the Slam Punkz site.

cover image from here.


Some of my works have appeared in commercially published books. You should be able to find these books in any book store.

  • Cartoon Clinic by Ben Cormack - Available at any book store. One page of Down but Not Out appeared in the comic.

  • How to Draw and Sell Comics, third edition by Alan McKenzie - Available at any book store. Parts of Curious appeared in this instructional book. The book itself is a good read, full of interesting and useful tidbits.